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ANES 304A. Chronic Pain Management Clerkship (SUMC, SMOC)

S1 Open to Visitors

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Relates the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychosocial components of pain to the understanding and care of patients with acute, chronic, or cancer pain. Students are involved with faculty on a one-to-one basis while interviewing, examining, and treating patients. Students may also learn to perform epidural, spinal, and peripheral nerve blocks. The Pain Management Services oversees the treatment of patients with postoperative pain on the Acute Pain Service which involves daily teaching and work rounds beginning at 7:00 am. The multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment of outpatients in the Pain Management Clinic is also included on a daily basis from 9 am to 5 pm. Each week culminates in a multidisciplinary conference on Friday afternoons. This conference includes anesthesiologists, psychologists, physical therapists, nurses, referring physicians and other interested medical specialists. Students are free on Wednesday to pursue guided reading or to observe nerve blocks under fluoroscopic control. Treatment modalities include diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks, behavior modification via biofeedback and stress reduction, physical therapy and transcutaneous nerve stimulation, individualized drug regimens for cancer patients, and referral to other Stanford specialty clinics. Please note: Visiting students must obtain approval from Yun Tao prior to applying for this clerkship. Please email requests to

Clinical experience.

Periods Available
1-12 for 2 or 4 weeks. 2 students per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Contact Alyssa Martinez at for instructions/directions.

Units 3 or 6       Drop Code T       Call Code 0

Scott Gregory Pritzlaff, M.D. (

Other Faculty
Pain Management Faculty.

Yun Tao (650-724-1706,

* "S1"=Selective Clerkship Category I (Basics in Clinical Care)
"S2"=Selective Clerkship Category II (Subinternship)


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