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MED 302A. Infectious Diseases Clerkship (SUMC)

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The infectious diseases clerkship features an active inpatient service at Stanford Hospital, which averages two to four new consults per day. As a consulting specialty service within the Department of Medicine, participants are able to see a wide variety of community-acquired and nosocomial infections. Particular emphasis is placed on clinical and diagnostic reasoning, as well as in developing a good working knowledge of antimicrobial agents and a rational approach for their use. The training and teaching opportunities are rich because of the case mix (medical, surgical, ICU) and broad patient populations that are seen at Stanford Hospital. The service is supervised on a daily basis by the infectious diseases fellow, who will work closely with students rotating on the clinical service. Students attend daily patient rounds, weekly infectious diseases conferences, and may attend other research or patient-care conferences at Stanford. Two-week rotations are possible, but four weeks is preferred.

Medicine 300A.

Periods Available
1-12, full time for four weeks. A two-week rotation is also permissible. Maximum two students per period.

Reporting Instructions:
On the first day of the rotation, page the Stanford general infectious diseases fellow through the Stanford page operator: (650) 723-6661 at 8:00 am. The infectious diseases fellows’ team room, L-134, is located in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine home office on the first floor of the Lane building.

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Andrew Nevins, M.D.

Other Faculty

Brenda Norrie (650-725-8338).


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