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NENS 307A. Advanced Clinical Elective in Child Neurology (SUMC)

S2 Open to Visitors

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The advanced clerkship in child neurology is geared toward the student drawn toward a residency in child neurology or another specialty field in the neurosciences.  The student will be asked and required to function at an intern level. During the month, the student will meet with our division chief, residency director, clerkship director, and resident “buddy,” and will receive a book stipend. Specific requirements will include: 1. Being the primary source of contact for his or her assigned hospital patients. 2. First on-call (from 0800 until 1700, with close resident back-up) for the Child Neurology service (team A or team B) at LPCH on at least 2 weekdays during a 4-week block. 3. Documenting in the Electronic Medical Record at least 5 (five) inpatient consultations. 4. Availability for weekend rounds and/or consults on 1 weekend. 5. Presentation/facilitation of one primary research article at the Thursday noon Journal Watch conference. 6. Presentation of one morning report on Tuesday morning 7. Attendance of pediatric neurology clinics, if desired, may occur during 1-2 weeks of the rotation. This clerkship requires prior approval by Clerkship Director. Visiting students wishing to do this clerkship must receive prior approval from Clerkship Director before submitting their application.  This clerkship is not open to international students.  

A prior Neurology clerkship and special approval by the Clerkship Director. For approval, please submit a current CV, transcript with clerkship evaluations, and prepare a brief statement of intent for review by clerkship director.

Periods Available
1-12, full-time for four weeks. 1-2 students per period.

Reporting Instructions:

Units 6       Drop Code T       Call Code 2 (depends upon nature of the experience)

Susy Jeng, M.D. (650-736-0885,

Other Faculty
Neurology, Neurosurgery and Pediatrics staff.

Christine Hopkins (650-498-3056,

* "S1"=Selective Clerkship Category I (Basics in Clinical Care)
"S2"=Selective Clerkship Category II (Subinternship)


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