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NSUR 304B. Neurosurgery Clerkship (PAVAMC)

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Acquaints students with the diagnosis, operative treatment, and postoperative care of patients suffering injuries to or diseases of the central or peripheral nervous system. Students work closely with faculty and the resident staff at the PAVAMC, evaluating patients in the outpatient clinic and in the hospital. The student participates in diagnostic procedures, observes during surgery, and participates in postoperative care. The PAVAMC rotation involves neither pediatric nor trauma cases. and the amount of acute trauma is minimal. There will be teaching and work rounds, tutorial sessions, and weekly teaching conferences at Stanford University Medical Center, focused on neurosurgery, neurology and neuroradiology. A four-week full-time clerkship is recommended for students considering neurosurgery as a career.

MED 208 or INDE 206.

Periods Available
1-12, full-time for four weeks. 1 student per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Where: PAVAMC, Building 100, Third floor, surgical service offices, B3-129; Time: 8:00 am.

Units 6       Drop Code T       Call Code 1

Stephen Skirboll, M.D.

Other Faculty
S. Skirboll, H. Yu.

Hansni Prasad (650-493-5000 x65709) Building 100, Third floor, B3 Surgical service offices, PAVAMC.


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