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PSYC 300A. Psychiatry Core Clerkship (SUMC, PAVAMC)

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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
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The clerkship is designed to solidify the knowledge of psychiatry students have acquired in the Practice of Medicine courses, as students gain practical skills in the application of this knowledge to clinical situations. The focus is on interviewing skills, psychiatric evaluations, on refining diagnostic skills, and offers an overview of psychosocial and biological treatment modalities for the major psychiatric disorders. The clerkship consists of clinical work on inpatient units under the supervision of academic and clinical faculty, a weekly lecture series by academic faculty, interviewing seminars taught by voluntary clinical faculty, and attendance at Grand Rounds. Students are assigned to patient care settings at one of the six affiliated sites: a comprehensive medical psychiatry unit (G2), an inpatient general psychiatry ward (H2), a geriatric psychiatry unit, the consult-liaison service at Stanford Hospital, an inpatient research psychiatric ward specializing in the study of schizophrenia or an acute locked psychiatric ward at the PAVA. In addition, students participate in the specialty outpatient clinics at Stanford including OCD, Child, bipolar, geriatric and general psychopharmacology clinics. Students are given the opportunity to express their preferences regarding assignment. The final rotation assignment is determined by the department based on availability of sites. Students are informed about the specific clerkship requirements at the orientation offered at the start of each clerkship period. They receive a course syllabus, several study guide books and a psychopharmacology textbook. Students are encouraged to visit the Psychiatry clerkship site on Coursework which contains all information, the syllabus and teaching materials. Students are expected to complete five cases on the CaseTool site and to record cases seen by diagnostic category. Requirements include mandatory attendance at seminars, weekly inpatient case history presentations and Emergency room experiences with residents/attending psychiatrists. The NBME Subject Exam in Psychiatry is a required component of the clerkship.

INDE 205.

Periods Available
1-12, full-time for four weeks. 10 students per period (minimum of 3 students per period).

Reporting Instructions:
Where: 401 Quarry Rd., 2nd Floor, Room 2213; Time: 8:00 am.

Units 6       Drop Code T       Call Code 2, call once per week for the first 3 weeks or 3 nights total during 4 week clerkship period.

Charles DeBattista, M.D. (650-723-8324).

Other Faculty

Quynh Dang (650-725-2769), 401 Quarry Rd, Rm. 2204.


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