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PSYC 398A. Advanced Clinical, Research Elective in Psychiatry (SUMC, PAVAMC, SCVMC)

Open to Visitors

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
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For students who wish to pursue the study of a specific research or clinical experience in the field of psychiatry are encouraged to arrange for this four to eight week clerkship elective. A short statement prepared by each individual student outlining clinical and educational goals for the rotation must be approved by the Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Please note: Students cannot add 398A clerkships directly to their fishbowl schedules through the regular shuffles. Please contact Caroline Cheang in the Office of Medical Student Affairs at or 650-498-7619 with the faculty preceptor’s name and email address to add this clerkship.

Psychiatry 300A and Medicine 300A, consent of the designated faculty preceptor; and approval by Advisor.

Periods Available

Reporting Instructions:
Where: TBA (designated faculty preceptor); Time: TBA

Units 1-12       Drop Code T       Call Code 2

Charles DeBattista, M.D. (650-723-8324).

Other Faculty

Quynh Dang (650-725-2769), 401 Quarry Rd, Rm. 2204.


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