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UROL 338A. Advanced Urology Clerkship (SUMC)

S2 Open to Visitors

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The goals are the same as basic urology rotation in UROL 308A. However, the student will function as a subintern will be given more responsibility both in the clinic and in the OR. They will be expected to take night call one night per week with the urology resident. They will be taught various urologic techniques and will be required to give one talk on a urologic subject of their own choosing during the rotation.

UROL 308A, UROL 308B, UROL 308C or SURG 300A.

Periods Available
1-12, full-time for four or eight weeks. 2 students per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Where: Stanford Hospital, 300 Pasteur Dr, Grant S291; Time: 7:15 am.

Units 6       Drop Code T       Call Code 5

Craig Comiter, M.D. (650-497-8753).

Other Faculty
J. Brooks, B. Chung, C. Comiter, S. Conti, E. Diaz, M. Eisenberg, E. Enemchukwu, H. Gill, W. Kennedy, G. Sonn, E. Skinner, H.Y. Wu.

Taranjit Bains (

* "S1"=Selective Clerkship Category I (Basics in Clinical Care)
"S2"=Selective Clerkship Category II (Subinternship)


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