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MED 338A. Outpatient Infectious Diseases Elective (SUMC, PAVAMC, etc.)

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This clerkship provides medical students with an elective course of 2-4 weeks of outpatient ID experience. Clinical experiences will focus on antibiotic selection, utilization and stewardship, as well as the management of commonly encountered ID syndromes, including sexually transmitted infections, HIV, Tuberculosis, and viral hepatitis. Students will attend outpatient clinics at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Medical Center, the Stanford affiliated Positive Care Clinic, and the San Mateo County Health System. There is potential flexibility for students interested in a focus area at a specific clinic or with a specific physician, to arrange more concentrated clinical work at one of the clinics with permission of the attending. Each student will be asked to prepare a small research project (e.g. a case or literature review) to be presented at the end of the rotation. Students planning on doing the outpatient ID rotation should contact Dr. Levy at as soon as possible but at least 8 weeks prior to rotation beginning to verify there is period availability for the desired period of rotation and that all needed electronic medical record and infection control requirements have been obtained. This clerkship requires prior approval by Clerkship Director.

MED 208 or INDE 206 and completion of Internal Medicine core clerkship.

Periods Available
3-12, full-time for two or four weeks. 1 student per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Where: Dr. Levy will send the student a schedule, curriculum and orientation materials prior to starting the rotation of clinics and physicians.

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Vivian Levy, M.D. ( or 650-573-3987)

Other Faculty

Vivian Levy, M.D. ( or 650-573-3987)


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