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PEDS 316I. International Community Health (San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala)

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This clerkship is based in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, an indigenous town in a coffee growing region on the southern shore of Lake Atitlan. The clerkship couples direct clinical experience with a broader exposure to the social determinants of health and the provision of medical care in resource-poor areas of the world. Students are precepted for clinical work in a small hospital and in mobile clinics. The clinical conditions to be encountered may include viral syndromes, diarrhea, dysentery, parasitic diseases, malnutrition, asthma, skin disorders, tuberculosis, onchocerciasis, as well as a variety of chronic disorders, such as congenital anomalies, hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis. The students are also able to participate in the care of emergency cases that arrive at the clinic as well as birth deliveries. Students attend didactic sessions on the epidemiology, diagnoses, and available therapies related to prevalent clinical conditions. In addition, students participate in an array of community development activities (including potable water systems, reforestation, and medicinal herb programs), and have opportunities to explore the local customs and history of the area. Assigned readings and orientation sessions are held prior to traveling for the rotation. Students must apply, interview, and be approved by the Clerkship Director prior to registering for this clerkship. Participation limited to 3 students per period. This clerkship is closed for academic year 2013-2014.

Basic conversational Spanish required.

Periods Available
P2A, P2B & P4B.

Reporting Instructions:

Units 3-6       Drop Code T       Call Code 1, No call, but may include some weekend work

Paul H. Wise, M.D., MPH.

Other Faculty

Paul H. Wise, M.D., MPH. (650-725-5625,


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