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OPHT 302A. Bay Area Ophthalmology Course: Fundamentals in Clinical and Visual Science (SUMC)

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“Intensive instruction in the basic sciences underlying ophthalmic practice and research. An internationally-recognized collaboration among ophthalmology teaching programs within the Bay Area, with participation by experts from other institutions. Emphasis on theoretical and practical understanding of the basic vision sciences. At the conclusion of the clerkship, participants are expected to have basic knowledge in both introductory and applied fundamentals of ophthalmology and vision science. Daily lectures. Laboratory sessions include optics, orbital anatomy, pathology, and Phacoemulsification wet Lab. Elements stressed include visual optics; genetics; microbiology; epidemiology; anatomy; pathology, pharmacology; ocular inflammation; glaucoma; neuro-ophthalmology; testing and imaging modalities; refractive surgery and contact lens; ocular motility, strabismus and amblyopia; disorders of the cornea and ocular surface, anterior segment and lens, pupil, retina and vitreous, optic nerve, eyelids and orbit.

Pathology, Physiology, Embryology, Pharmacology.

Periods Available
Period 1, full-time for 4 weeks, 30 students per period.

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Contact Sylvie Pham at

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Ira Schachar, M.D.

Other Faculty

Sylvie Pham, Byers Eye Institute at Stanford, 2452 Watson Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303.


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