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NSUR 318A. Subinternship in Neurosurgery (SUMC)

S2 Open to Visitors

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An advanced clerkship designed to actively engage the student in the diagnosis, operative treatment, and post-operative care of patients suffering from a wide variety of neurosurgical problems including tumors of the brain and spine, cerebrovascular abnormalities, infection, trauma, and congenital abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous system. Subintern students assume a high level of responsibility, essentially functioning at the level of a first-year resident (intern), managing complex, acutely ill patients, scrubbing in on cases in the operating room, and functioning as an accountable team member. Among the responsibilities are: (1) primary work-ups of new patients; (2) writing orders, managing patients in conjunction with a resident or attending, and conducting appropriate intern-level procedures; (3) taking night call; (4) writing notes and dictating summaries as assigned by the supervising resident(s). Please note: Visiting students must obtain approval from the Department prior to applying for this clerkship. Please email requests to Shanna Selsor at along with your CV and a cover letter.

SURG 300A.

Periods Available
1-12, full-time for four weeks. 5 students per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Where: Meet neurosurgery residents at E2 ICU at 6:00 am, following rounds, meet with Dr. Harsh at 9:00 am in the Stanford Cancer Center, room 2222.

Units 6       Drop Code T       Call Code 2 (voluntary call for emergency cases at night)

Griff Harsh, M.D.

Other Faculty
S. Chang, M. Edwards, G. Harsh, J. Henderson, L. Katznelson, J. Park, L. Shuer, G. Steinberg, G. Li, S. Cheshier, G. Grant, J. Ghajar, M. Lee, M. Hayden, S. Skirboll, A, Desai, H. Singh, J. Lifshutz, O. Harris, S. Tharin and C. Halpern.

Shanna Selsor (650-725-0701), Stanford Cancer Center, Room 2222A.

* "S1"=Selective Clerkship Category I (Basics in Clinical Care)
"S2"=Selective Clerkship Category II (Subinternship)


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