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MED 397A. MD Capstone Experience: Preparation for Residency (SUMC)

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This 1-week clerkship provides senior medical students an opportunity to review and acquire a wide variety of knowledge and skills that are essential to preparing them for their first-year of residency and working effectively as interns. The capstone clerkship will include a significant emphasis on simulation-based learning as well as small group sessions, didactics, skills labs, and resident panels.  Required skills and common experiences during internship will be specifically highlighted.  The curriculum will consist of a common core curriculum, as well as additional learning opportunities specifically tailored to individual specialties. For those students who are not enrolled for the quarter in which the Capstone Clerkship is offered, please contact Brian Herman at to register.

Completion of required core clerkships.

Periods Available
P11A (5/6/19-5/12/19) or P11B (5/20/19-5/26/19) for 2018-19; P11A (5/4/20-5/10/20) or P11B (5/18/20-5/24/20) for 2019-20; P11A (5/3/21-5/9/21) or P11B (5/17/21-5/23/21) for 2020-21, full-time for 1 week. 30 students maximum per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Course coordinator will send out reporting instructions with syllabus before the start of the clerkship.

Units 1       Drop Code T       Call Code 2 - You will be asked to do one evening session, but no overnight session. You also will be asked to return pages at night while at home.

Jeff Chi, M.D. and John Kugler, M.D.

Other Faculty
Stanford Medicine faculty and residents from multiple disciplines.

Brian Herman (650) 725-4677;


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