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SURG 319A. Introduction to Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery Clerkship (SUMC, LPCH)

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This clerkship is meant for those students who did not have the opportunity to rotate on the hand/plastic surgery service during their core surgery clerkship. This clerkship will introduce students to plastic and reconstructive surgery. Plastic Surgery encompasses a broad field and has been described as operating on the “skin and its contents.” Students will be part of the team in managing patients both in the inpatient as well as outpatient setting. Students will participate in daily rounds and have direct patient care responsibilities. Students will assist in the Operating Room and learn fundamental suturing skills. Students will work in the clinic to understand the indications and contraindications to plastic surgery, and also about how to discuss surgical procedures with patients and families.


Periods Available
6-12, full-time for two weeks. 2 students per period.

Reporting Instructions:
Where: Contact coordinator two weeks prior.

Units 3       Drop Code T       Call Code 0

Catherine Curtin, M.D.

Other Faculty
J. Chang, C. Curtin, P. Fox, S. Girod, G. Gurtner, D. Kahn, R. Khosla, G. Lee, P. Lorenz, A. Momeni, R. Nazerali, D. Nguyen, S. Sen, D. Wan.

Angela Sotelo (650-723-5824), 770 Welch Road, 4th Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94304.


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