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CBIO 101. Cancer Biology
(Same as PATH 101) Experimental approaches to understanding the origins, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Focus on key experiments and discoveries with emphasis on genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology. Topics include carcinogens, tumor virology, oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, cell cycle regulation, angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis, cancer genomics, cancer epidemiology, and cancer therapies. Discussion sections based on primary research articles that describe key experiments in the field. Prerequisite: Biology or Human Biology core or equivalent, or consent of instructor.
4 units, Win (J. Lipsick)

CBIO 241. Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Basis of Cancer
Core course required for all first-year Cancer Biology graduate students. Focus is on key experiments and classic primary research papers in cancer biology. Letter grade required. Undergraduates require consent of course director.
5 units, Aut (A. Giaccia)

CBIO 242. Scientific Basis of Clinical Cancer Therapy
Required for first- and second-year medical students who wish to join the Cancer Biology Scholarly Concentration Program. The curriculum includes a sampling of recent biomedical research discoveries that led to the current cancer diagnosis and therapeutic treatments.
3 units, Spr (A. Giaccia, A. Koong)

CBIO 260. Teaching in Cancer Biology
Practical experience in teaching by serving as a teaching assistant in a cancer biology course.
1 to 10 units, Aut, Win, Spr (Staff)

CBIO 275. Tumor Immunology
(Same as IMMUNOL 275) Focuses on the ability of innate and adaptive immune responses to recognize and control tumor growth. Topics include: tumor antigens, tumor immunosurveillance and immunoediting, tumor immunotherapy, cancer vaccines and dendritic cell therapy. Tracks the historical developments of our understanding of modulating tumor immune response and discusses their relative significance in the light of current research findings. Prerequisite: for undergraduates, human biology or biology core.
2 units, Aut (E. Engleman, J. Rothbard)

CBIO 280. Cancer Biology Journal Club
Focus is on recent papers in the literature presented by graduate students. When possible, discussion of these papers relates to and precedes cancer-related seminars at Stanford. Attendance at the relevant seminar required. Required for and limited to all first- and second-year graduate students in the Cancer Biology Program.
1 unit, Aut, Win, Spr (A. Giaccia)

CBIO 299. Directed Reading in Cancer Biology
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
1 to 18 units, any quarter (Search for instructor in Axess)

CBIO 399. Graduate Research
Students undertake investigations sponsored by individual faculty members. Cancer Biology Ph.D. students must register as soon as they begin dissertation-related research work. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
1 to 18 units, any quarter (Search for instructor in Axess)


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