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FAMMED 199. Undergraduate Directed Reading and Research in Family and Community Medicine
Interested students should contact the Center for Education in Family and Community Medicine administration. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
1 to 18 units, any quarter (Search for instructor in Axess)

For pre-clinical and clinical medical students. Explores core dimensions of meaning, service and healing exemplified by the outstanding physician. Goals are to develop and preserve personal values such as service, harmlessness, compassion, altruism, self care, integrity, equality, justice, respect, and nurturing wholeness; to develop the compassionate listening skill that is foundational for clinical practice and for finding personal meaning and satisfaction; and to clarify a commitment to medicine as one's life's work. Clinical faculty facilitate small group sessions and participate in the discovery model process on an equal footing with students. The Healer's Art was originally developed by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, Clinical Professor at UCSF.
1 unit, Aut (B. Feldstein, E. Schillinger)


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