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CHPR 223 Obesity in America: Clinical and Public Health Implications (HUMBIO 123)
Interdisciplinary clinical, research, and policy approaches. The prevalence, predictors, and consequences of obesity and diabetes; biological and physiological mechanisms; clinical treatments including medications and surgery; and the relevance of behavioral, environmental, economic, and policy approaches to obesity prevention and control. Undergraduate prerequisite: Human Biology core or equivale.... More Description for CHPR 223
CHPR 225 The Role of Causal Inference, Study Design, & Outcomes in Community Research
Provides foundational concepts and principles of epidemiology and other disciplines as they pertain specifically to research on the prevention of chronic disease. Focuses on application of this perspective in multiple disease and health behavior contexts to diverse communities across the life course. Provides foundational skills in epidemiology, including the measurement of disease and health beha.... More Description for CHPR 225
Terms: 2017-2018 Autumn | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
Instructors: Rosas, L. (PI)
CHPR 226 Promoting Health Over the Life Course: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (HUMBIO 126)
(HUMBIO students must enroll in HumBio 126. CHPR students must enroll in CHPR 226 for a letter grade.) Disease prevention and health promotion topics pertinent to different stages of the life span emphasizing healthy lifestyle and reducing risk factors in both individuals and communities. Focus is on scientific investigation, the application of behavioral science to risk reduction strategies, and .... More Description for CHPR 226
Terms: 2017-2018 Autumn | Units: 3 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Instructors: Stefanick, M. (PI)
CHPR 228 Theoretical Foundations and Design of Behavioral Intervention Trials
Focuses on the knowledge and skills, respect and thoughtful practice of designing health promotion interventions that are relevant, theoretically-informed, have broad impacts, and can endure. Provides an in-depth review of intervention approaches for health promotion and disease prevention and covers the leading theories of behavior change. Follows an integrative model to demonstrate similarities .... More Description for CHPR 228
Terms: 2017-2018 Autumn | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
Instructors: Prochaska, J. (PI)
CHPR 230 Sexual Function and Diversity in Medical Disciplines (FEMGEN 230, FEMGEN 230X, SOMGEN 230)
(Same as FEMGEN 230). This course is coordinated seminar series that presents evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention guidelines by clinical and translational research and population health science faculty of clinical departments other than Medicine (the focus of CHPR 260) of the Stanford School of Medicine, including; Anesthesiology & Perioperative, & Pain Medicine, Cardiot.... More Description for CHPR 230
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 2 2-3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
Instructors: Stefanick, M. (PI)
CHPR 239 Program Internship and Engagement (PIE)
Enrollment limited to students in Master of Science in Community Health and Prevention. This course is designed to provide students in the Master of Science In Community Health & Prevention Research program with supervision and guidance as they conduct their Internships. Focus is on skills which will help students conduct productive Internships with community partners and faculty. Provides a s.... More Description for CHPR 239
Instructors: Stefanick, M. (PI)
CHPR 240 Prevention Research: the Science of Healthy Living
Features the research of faculty in the Stanford Prevention Research Center and focuses on key health issues over the life course (prenatal through childhood, young to middle-aged, older and elderly adults). Topics include chronic disease (global and U.S.) epidemiology; application of behavioral science to risk reduction; nutrition; weight management; physical activity; stopping smoking; public he.... More Description for CHPR 240
Terms: 2017-2018 Autumn | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
CHPR 247 Methods in Community Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (MED 147, MED 247)
Development of pragmatic skills for design, implementation, and analysis of structured interviews, focus groups, survey questionnaires, and field observations. Topics include: principles of community-based participatory research, including importance of dissemination; strengths and limitations of different study designs; validity and reliability; construction of interview and focus group questions.... More Description for CHPR 247
Terms: 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
Instructors: Kiernan, M. (PI)
CHPR 255 The Responsible Conduct of Research for Clinical and Community Researchers (MED 255C)
Engages clinical researchers in discussions about ethical issues commonly encountered during their clinical research careers and addresses contemporary debates at the interface of biomedical science and society. Graduate students required to take RCR who are or will be conducting clinical research are encouraged to enroll in this version of the course. Prequisite: research experience recommended.
Terms: 2017-2018 Autumn 2017-2018 Winter 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 1 | Grading: Medical Satisfactory/No Credit
CHPR 260 Prevention Across Medical Disciplines: Evidence-based Guidelines
Coordinated seminar series presenting evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention guidelines by research and clinical faculty of multiple divisions of Stanford's Department of Medicine, including cardiovascular medicine, oncology, nephrology, immunology and rheumatology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, gerontology and metabolism, gastroenterology and hepatology, hematology, blood an.... More Description for CHPR 260
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
Instructors: Stefanick, M. (PI)
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