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BIOE 217 Translational Bioinformatics (BIOMEDIN 217, CS 275, GENE 217)
Computational methods for the translation of biomedical data into diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic applications in medicine. Topics: multi-scale omics data generation and analysis, utility and limitations of public biomedical resources, machine learning and data mining, issues and opportunities in drug discovery, and mobile/digital health solutions. Case studies and course project. Prerequi.... More Description for BIOE 217
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter | Units: 4 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
BIOE 219 Special Topics in Development and Cancer: Evolutionary and Quantitative Perspectives (DBIO 219)
The course will serve as a literature-based introductory guide for synthesis of ideas in developmental biology and cancer, with an emphasis on evolutionary analysis and quantitative thinking. The goal for this course is for students to understand how we know what we know about fundamental questions in the field of developmental biology and cancer, and how we ask good questions for the future. We w.... More Description for BIOE 219
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter | Units: 3 | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)
Instructors: Wang, B. (PI)
BIOE 220 Introduction to Imaging and Image-based Human Anatomy (RAD 220)
Focus on learning the fundamentals of each imaging modality including X-ray Imaging, Ultrasound, CT, and MRI, to learn normal human anatomy and how it appears on medical images, to learn the relative strengths of the modalities, and to answer, "What am I looking at?" Course website:
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
BIOE 221 Physics and Engineering of Radionuclide-based Medical Imaging (RAD 221)
Physics, instrumentation, and algorithms for radionuclide-based medical imaging, with a focus on positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Topics include basic physics of photon emission from the body and detection, sensors, readout and data acquisition electronics, system design, strategies for tomographic image reconstruction, system calibration a.... More Description for BIOE 221
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
BIOE 221G Gut Microbiota in Health and Disease (GENE 208, MI 221)
Preference to graduate students. Focus is on the human gut microbiota. Students enrolling for 3 units receive instruction on computational approaches to analyze microbiome data and must complete a related project.
BIOE 222 Instrumentation and Applications for Multi-modality Molecular Imaging of Living Subjects (RAD 222)
Focuses on instruments, algorithms and other technologies for imaging of cellular and molecular processes in living subjects. Introduces preclinical and clinical molecular imaging modalities, including strategies for molecular imaging using PET, SPECT, MRI, Ultrasound, Optics, and Photoacoustics. For each modality, lectures cover the basics of the origin and properties of imaging signal generation.... More Description for BIOE 222
Terms: 2017-2018 Autumn | Units: 3-4 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
BIOE 223 Physics and Engineering of X-Ray Computed Tomography (RAD 223)
CT scanning geometries, production of x-rays, interactions of x-rays with matter, 2D and 3D CT reconstruction, image presentation, image quality performance parameters, system components, image artirfacts, radiation dose. Prerequisites: differential and integral calculus. Knowledge of Fourier transforms (EE261) recommended.
BIOE 224 Probes and Applications for Multi-modality Molecular Imaging of Living Subjects (RAD 224)
Focuses on molecular contrast agents (a.k.a. "probes") that interrogate and target specific cellular and molecular disease mechanisms. Covers the ideal characteristics of molecular probes and how to optimize their design for use as effective imaging reagents that enables readout of specific steps in biological pathways and reveal the nature of disease through noninvasive imaging assays. .... More Description for BIOE 224
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter | Units: 4 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
BIOE 225 Ultrasound Imaging and Therapeutic Applications (RAD 225)
Covers the basic concepts of ultrasound imaging including acoustic properties of biological tissues, transducer hardware, beam formation, and clinical imaging.  Also includes the therapeutic applications of ultrasound including thermal and mechanical effects, visualization of the temperature and radiation force with MRI, tissue assessment with MRI and ultrasound, and ultrasound-enhanced drug .... More Description for BIOE 225
BIOE 227 Functional MRI Methods
(Same as RAD 227, BIOPHYS 227) Basics of functional magnetic resonance neuroimaging, including data acquisition, analysis, and experimental design. Journal club sections. Cognitive neuroscience and clinical applications. Prerequisites: basic physics, mathematics; neuroscience recommended.
Terms: 2017-2018 Winter | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
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