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MED 238 Leading and Managing Health Care Organizations: Innovation and Collaboration
Same as OB 348. Leading and managing in complex, high stakes settings, like health care, where lives and livelihoods are on the line, presents distinctive challenges and constraints. This course challenges you to apply seminal and contemporary theories in organizational behavior to evaluate managerial decisions and develop evidence-based strategies for leading and managing health care teams and or.... More Description for MED 238
Terms: 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Satisfactory/No Credit
MED 240 Sex and Gender in Human Physiology and Disease (FEMGEN 241, HUMBIO 140)
(HumBio students must enroll in HumBio 140.) Chromosomal, hormonal and environmental influences that lead to male and female reproductive systems and neuroendocrine regulation and intersex variants. Masculinizing and feminizing effects of endogenous and exogenous sex hormones and other factors, in particular gender, on the musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular, immunological and other syst.... More Description for MED 240
MED 241 Clinical Skills for Patient Care in Free Clinics
Enrollment in this course is by application only for advanced volunteers at the Cardinal Free Clinics. Focus is on preparing students to gain early clinical experience by teaching basic skills such as taking patient histories, working with interpreters, providing motivational interviewing, and presenting cases to medical students or physicians. Students learn through classroom lectures and practic.... More Description for MED 241
Terms: 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 1 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Medical Satisfactory/No Credit
MED 242 Physicians and Human Rights
Weekly lectures on how human rights violations affect health. Topics include: regional conflict and health, the health status of refugees and internally displaced persons; child labor; trafficking in women and children; HIV/AIDS; torture; poverty, the environment and health; access to clean water; domestic violence and sexual assault; and international availability of drugs. Guest speakers from na.... More Description for MED 242
MED 243C Patient Health Education in Community Clinics - Practicum (MED 143C)
Open to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. For students currently volunteering in one of the course-affiliated clinic sites. Objective is to expand health education skills, discuss more complex health education topics, and reflect upon experiences in the clinic. Includes readings and online reflections. Pre-requisites: MED 143A/243A, Med 143B/243B.
MED 246 The Medical Interview for Spanish Speakers
Student led forum for practicing and learning medical Spanish related specifically to the medical interview. Prepares clinical students to interact more effectively with Spanish speaking patients in clinics. Classes are topical; each class includes a demonstration, medical vocabulary practice, and conversational practice on the topic of the day.
MED 247 Methods in Community Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (CHPR 247, MED 147)
Development of pragmatic skills for design, implementation, and analysis of structured interviews, focus groups, survey questionnaires, and field observations. Topics include: principles of community-based participatory research, including importance of dissemination; strengths and limitations of different study designs; validity and reliability; construction of interview and focus group questions.... More Description for MED 247
Terms: 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 3 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
Instructors: Kiernan, M. (PI)
MED 248 Student Rounds
Teams of preclinical students meet weekly with a clinical student to hear the history and physical of a recent case the clinical student encountered on the wards. Following the presentation, the preclinical students work together under the guidance of the clinical student to develop a problem list and plan, which are then compared with the problem list, plan, and orders made by the actual admittin.... More Description for MED 248
Terms: 2017-2018 Summer 2017-2018 Autumn 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 1 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Medical School MD Grades
Instructors: Kenny, K. (PI)
MED 249 Topics in Health Economics I (ECON 249, HRP 249)
Course will cover various topics in health economics, from theoretical and empirical perspectives. Topics will include public financing and public policy in health care and health insurance; demand and supply of health insurance and healthcare; physicians' incentives; patient decision-making; competition policy in healthcare markets, intellectual property in the context of pharmaceutical drugs and.... More Description for MED 249
Terms: 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 2-5 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
MED 252 Outcomes Analysis (BIOMEDIN 251, HRP 252)
Methods of conducting empirical studies which use large existing medical, survey, and other databases to ask both clinical and policy questions. Econometric and statistical models used to conduct medical outcomes research. How research is conducted on medical and health economics questions when a randomized trial is impossible. Problem sets emphasize hands-on data analysis and application of metho.... More Description for MED 252
Terms: 2017-2018 Spring | Units: 4 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC)
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